First release (chessweb-1.0)

What will be in v1.0 of chessweb

v1.0 will be a fully fledged only chess game. However, it will only support one game at once, will not have any idea of player profiles and will not persist games between (application server) sessions. It will however have full move validation.

When will v1.0 be available for download?

v1.0 will be available for download at the end of August 2005.

Second release (chessweb-2.0)

What will be in v2.0 of chessweb

v2.0 will bring a player portal with sign on / profiles for each player. In addition, multiple games will be supported by chessweb, with a rudimentary access control stopping players from hijacking games. Persistance will be implement to allow application servers to restart and not lose player profiles / games.

When will v2.0 be available for download?

v2.0 will be available for download at mid-September 2005.

Third release (chessweb-3.0)

What will be in v3.0 of chessweb

v3.0's major feature will be implementation of a computer opponent using gnuchess. In addition, gnuchess will enable a "hint" system (suggest a move to the human player).

When will v3.0 be available for download?

v3.0 will be available for download at mid-October 2005.